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Subject: [wsrp][markup] Minutes for 5/22/02 conference call


Attachment: Minutes-May-22.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Title: Leader Chris Braun

Sub-Committee Lead

Chris Braun


Attending Members:


Gino Filicetti

David Taieb

Jane Dynan

Rich Thompson

Thomas Schaeck

Carsten Leue

TJ Cox (SilverStream)

Jeff Broberg




1.  Disallowed/Discouraged Markup Tags

xforms:model is currently required to belong to the <head> tag per the latest xforms draft spec


·        Discussion. 

o       xforms:model is currently required to belong to the <head> tag per the latest xforms draft spec Recommendation return this to Xforms Group – should be able to be placed anywhere within an XHTML document.  Preferably directly preceding the form. Rich T. will follow up with XForms Group.


o       Portlet’s may be included within a consumer using frames or iframes.  We still need to discourage certain markup to make sure all portlets can also be embedded as fragments within a containing markup page.


o       Add iframe as a discouraged tag for portlet content markup.


o       Discourage: Statement of compatibility; suggests tags are discouraged but won’t break or render portal page.


o       Disallowed – guarantee to break in some or most consumer containers.


o       Reiterated that it’s not the consumer’s responsibility to validate against disallowed and discouraged tags.  Not requirement. Consumer may choose not to do this.


2.  Review current list of CSS styles (still collecting documents; this discussion will be on going):


·        Links:  Always use custom classes?   Discussion.  Remove proposed tags.  Use default A tag to affect the anchor links of a portlet.  No real reason to have all portlet links differ from the pages links.


·        Fonts:  Decided that font, font-error, font-info, font-dim should be enough.  If portlet wish to differentiate themselves from the base sets they can use styles to change sizes, colors, etc.  For example <div class=”wsia-font-error” style=”font-size: larger”> uses the standard error font but makes it one step larger.


Contact Alan Kropp.  Intentions of WSUI and what does ok mean.

We assume that we are on the right track with ok directly correlating to info.


·        Tables:  Decided to use wsia-table-row  and wsia-table-row-alternate and instead of wsia-table-row-odd and wsia-table-even.


Need to decide if it is worthwhile to have a custom class for table.  Example: It may be worthwhile for all portlets to have a similar background image for a result set style table.  Need to come to a consensus here.


2.a.  Defer the discussion, due to time.  This will to be an on going discussion.  Updated version will be sent out this week.


3.  Markup Fragment  Decomposition.  Aggregation of markup fragments (header, footer, toolbar, body, etc.).



·        Initial spec will include ability to append markup to the <head> and <body>. 


·        The portlet content markup is automatically assumed to be appended to the containing pages <body> tag?


·        Have to decide where the non-body markup such as <head> is placed and how the aggregator can consume it.


·        Need to make this extensible so that other tags can be supported.  Need more discussion on this topic.


·        The portlet’s content should be separate rather than having different blocks of mark up.  Each piece of markup (head, body, etc) should come back separately.


·        Since some tags may be disallowed within the body but may be allowed in the head we need to revisit the disallowed/discouraged list and break them out per containing tag.


·        Are there other tags that a portlet may need access to?  We should try to come up with some valid use cases and make sure that the <head> tag is enough.


·        HTML perspective at this point.  Might find this different on other markups Concentrate on two elements for now.


·        How the mark up is included in page – multiple portlets appending to head?  Consumer can aggregate page as they see fit.  No reason to set a standard on this at this time.  Implementation specific.



4.  The meeting started late due to the late running of the wsrp-security meeting.  Need to make sure that the security meeting finishes on-time so that we can start and finish on-time.


6.  Meeting schedule for next Wednesday, May 29th.

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