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Subject: RE: [wsrp][markup] Conf Call Agenda (May29)

Title: Message
Sorry to jump in without being a formal part of the sub-committee, I am sure I am missing lots of discussion and useful info.
I have one comment regarding the distributed URL writing algorithm.
Whereas I am not involved enough on the work in the markup subcommittee to have a preference for the mechanisms used, my strong point throughout different such discussions within both WSRP and WSIA is that as an industry standard (versus a specific portal implementation), we should make sure we support non-trivial scenarios which people use in practice, and in particular those that include JavaScript.
For example, roll-over code often creates image URLs programmatically, e.g.,
img.src = baseUrl + "/i/img" + imgNum + "_up.gif";
The same goes with menu bar URLs, e.g.,
document.write("<a href='" + baseUrl + "?target=" + menus[i].submenus[j] + '>");
I am not sure whether you have considered them (on the surface, it wasn't clear to me how the $$$WSIA-URL-PREFIX$$$ solves those issues, which is why I wasn't sure). I am not sure whether these scenarios have to be addressed in the main flow of the protocol, but I believe it should be possible for a company creating portlets to support them (e.g., if MapQuest or SalesForce.com want to create a smart portlet with dynamic behavior, there should be a way to make it happen, even if it requires some additional - or even non-trivial - work).
I believe that the joint WSIA/WSRP subcommittee (headed by Alan) has done some initial work around trying to tackle those issues, although I am not familiar with the latest work that they have done.
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From: Chris Braun [mailto:cbraun@silverstream.com]
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 4:35 PM
Subject: [wsrp][markup] Conf Call Agenda (May29)

Markup members,
Here is the agenda for next weeks conference call.  The conference call dial in info will follow, but it's the same as usual.
1.  URL Rewriting
2.  Visual Themes CSS Classes continued
3.  Markup Fragment Rules
Items to be covered (to help guide the conversation)
1. URL Rewriting
    1.1 Mechanism used to demarcate URLs
        1.1.1 The producer uses an escape sequence that contains all the parts of the URLs followed optionally by some parameters. The aggregator then searches this sequence and reconstructs the URL using the correct URL prefix.

Advantages: this method is parsing efficient and should be easy to implement.  This algorithm applies to both aggregator and producer.  Have we come to a consensus that his is the basic mechanism of which URL rewriting will occur?


        1.1.2 What pieces of a URL need to be replaced?  Is there a difference between action URLs and resource URLs?


        1.1.3 How are resources referred too? Do all consumers implement a resource server which handles proxying of resources? Such that http://consumer/portlet-resources/portlet-proxy-name, where for each portlet that is registered with the consumer proxying will be handled for that portlet at a certain consumer server path. May be getting implementation specific.


       1.1.4 Does the producer indicate if a resource should be proxied and if it should be cached?  Might be off topic.


       1.1.5 What will the prefixes be?  Can't be a tag as elements can not belong inside of attributes. Should be a valid xml string.  Maybe $WSIA-URL-PREFIX$, or something to that affect.


2.  CSS Classes


    2.1 Table - Do we need a custom class to describe wsia-table for backgrounds, fonts, etc? 


    2.2 Sections - Define "trail"


    2.3 Forms - There are some issues with radio buttons and checkboxes.  If you change the background-color of the wsia-form-field the checkboxes and radio buttons look awkward when comparing NS to IE.


    2.4 Menus - Are there other areas of a menu that need to be represented by styles?


3.  Markup Fragment Rules

    3.1 Define a list of tags that will discourage or disallowed in the containing pages head tag.  For example: <title> might

    be disallowed.

    3.2 We need more specifics as to how the producer generates and passes back head markup as well as if and how we make this extensible so that additional markup tags can be support beyond the head tag.


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