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Subject: [wsrp][interfaces] Summary May 23 call

    Rich Thompson: IBM
   Alejandro Abdelnur: Sun
   Alan Kropp: Epicentric
   Mark Cassidy: Netegrity
   Jeff Broberg: Silverstream
   Carsten Leue: IBM
   Yossi Tamari: SAP Portals
   Sasha Aickin: Plumtree
   Thomas Schaeck: IBM
   Michael Freedman: Oracle


1) Continue discussions from previous week:

a) Can instance creation be implicitly requested by the portal?  If so
  how is this implicit request reflected in the protocol?

Summary: We never answered this question.  Time was spent explaining the issue/scenario.  It was suggested that we try and use e-mail discussion to complete.

b) Do we need to support cascading operations on instance handles?  If so for which

Summary:  We didn't have time to discuss.

c) Are instance handles scoped to the consumer that created them (the portal).

Summary:  We briefly discussed and instance handles aren't scoped to the consumer.

2) Get preliminary feedback on requirements document.
Summary Folks hadn't had enough time to look at the document.  Major discussion was deferred to this week. Rich asked a few questions regarding the entity that some of the requirements related to registration pertained to.  It was clarified that these requirements related to the specification vs. either the portal or portlet service.  Rich suggested that for such things the requirements be rewritten in the form "The specification must/may".  Mike agreed to rework the document accordingly.
3) Discuss how we should proceed -- on this the issue is there are many topics we can move onto -- what should we address next?? -- are there ways to accelerate our progress?
Summary:  We decided to move away from the Socratic method currently being used to one where a few people proposed a set of [concrete] requirements that we could comment on.  Sasha Aickins and Carsten Leue volunteered to help me put such requirements together.  In addition we decided Carsten should begin drafting a strawman specification to meet these requirements while the requirements are still under discussion so that we may have both available for the end of June face to face meeting.

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