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Subject: [wsrp][interfaces] Summary conference call 5/30

Mark Cassidy, Netegrity
Rich Thompson, IBM
Alejandro Abdelnur, Sun
Eilon Reshef, WebCollage
Lothar Merk, IBM
Sasha Aickin, Plumtree
Yossi Tamari, SAP Portals
Thomas Schaeck, IBM
Michael Freedman, Oracle

1) Next week's conference call moved to 7:30 am PDT.  Michael Freedman needs to leave a little after 8:30 to catch a plane.

2) Discussed draft requirements:

We covered the sections concerning location, discovery, and registration.  We stopped after discussing the first requirement [R17] in deregistration.

General issue:  Alejandro asked when/how we should discuss the issue of supporting a portlet configuration model that separates adminsitration/configuration into a distinct (helper) service.  I indicated we have moved away from posing questions/discussing topics to focusing on requirements and specification.  I asked Alejandro to bring up this discussion as appropriate when we come to the requirements section that pertains or to e-mail the group and get a discussion going.

Requirements comments:

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