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Subject: RE: [wsrp] Links in a WSRP service: what do they mean?

One way to accomplish what you describe is to have the contacts portlet
define an email action that was forwarded back to the contacts portlet,
which in turn could make the necessary wsrp connection to the email portlet,
in this way the contacts portlet could filter or modify the response from
the email portlet making it more appropriate for the contacts portlet
consumer.  Just a thought.


For case (3), I was thinking about decomposing WSRP services so that they
could be refactored.  As an example, imagine an e-mail inbox portlet and a
contacts portlet.  The e-mail portlet has a "new" link to compose a new
mail, and the contacts link has a "compose e-mail for this person" link next
to each contact's info.  I think it would be cool if the new mail component
could be factored out into a different WSRP service, and each portlet could
link to it.

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