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wsrp message

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Subject: [wsrp] Important: Are you coming to June's face-2-face?

    So far I have only heard from 13 of you concerning your intentions
to physically attend June's face-2 -face in California at Oracle's HQ.
For those of you that have already replied thank you.  Your names appear
below.  For those that haven't yet replied, can you please reply to this
e-mail asap and indicate what days if any you will physically attend?  I
need this information to complete the plans for getting a room
comfortable for our size and for ordering an adequate amount of food.
The message can be as simple as:

I will physically attend: M, T, W  [exclude any days you won't
physically attend]

or if not coming

I will not physically attend the meeting.

Note: M, T, W standard for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- the three
days of the week our meeting spans.


Current respondents:
Carsten Leue [physically attending]
Mark Rosenberg [physically attending]
Srinivas Vadhri [physically attending]
Darvanum Srinivas
Mark Cassidy [physically attending]
Yossi Tamari [physically attending]
Jeff Broberg [physically attending]
David Taieb
Chris Braun [physically attending]
Alejandro Abdelnur [physically attending]
Rick Thompson [physically attending]
Adam Nolan [physically attending]
Eric van Lydegraf [physically attending]

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