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Subject: Re: [wsrp][all] WSRP Bi-Weekly Phone Call

Dear WSRP TC Members,

here is the Agenda for the WSRP TC Call, Thursday, June 13th, 9 am PST / 12
pm EST / 6 pm CET:

Accept Minutes from the last Call

Duration: < 5 min

Sasha, thank you for writing the minutes !

New Mailing Lists for individual Work Groups

Duration: 5 min

Everybody should subscribe to the lists of interest by this week and then
start using the individual mailing lists for sub group discussions starting
at June, 17th.

The wsrp list remains the forum for overall WSRP discussions and
organizational news.

Lothar to quickly explain the new structure of WSRP mailing lists to be
used by the individual groups.

Dinner at F2F

So far, everybody was ok with having a joint dinner at Tuesday.

Monthly Sub-Group Reporting

Duration: 25 min

      Common Interfaces            (Alan) 5 min
      Interfaces & Protocol        (Mike) 5 min
      Pub / Find / Bind / Metadata (Mike) 5 min
      Markup Fragments & Styles    (Chris) 5 min
      Security, Identity & SSO     (Mark) 5 min

Comments on proposed Agenda for F2F June 24th - 26th ?

5 min

Agenda to be sent around by Lothar before the call in a separate mail.

Business Scenarios

Duration: 10 min

All TC members who have contributed business scenarios may please send them
to Lothar so that he can put them on the web site.

This slot is another opportunity to provide any additional comments to
either of the scenarios.

Conference call details:
     In the US: 877-302-8255
     Outside US: +1 303-928-2609

When you dial in you will be asked for a "conference id".

The conference id is:  8814427

Best regards,


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