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Subject: [wsrp][markup] No Conf Call this Week

There hasn't been much discussion regarding the URL rewriting scenarios so we will hold off on the conference call this week.  Our next call will be June 19. 
In the mean time we should get a better grasp on how URL rewriting can be handled.  Each portlet vendor probably has there own ideas as to how this might be implemented.
We've identified the following URL Type.
URL Types:
  1. Fully qualified URL – Nothing needs to be done at the consumer end.
  2. Action links – Portlet calls action on itself URL rewritten so the consumer can intercept the action and forward the action on to the portlet service via SOAP
  3. Proxy resource links – Clients accessing resource (thru fire walls).Rewritten so the consumer can intercpt the resource request.  The resource can then either be pulled from an internal consumer cache or retrieved via HTTP
  4. Relative URI – For relative URI’s the producer sends the consumer the Base URI to be used when generating relative references.
  5. Actions to other WSRP services. Need qualifications.
In order to get a better handle on how the URL rewriting is handled we can seperated teh process into 4 stages.
URL Rewriting Stages
  1. Portlet Embeds a token into its markup.
  2. Consumer rewrites token as a URI
  3. URI is presented to the user as a link, resource reference (i.e. image), or form.
  4. User clicks on action link or submits form.
a. Consumer interprets action/link
b. Consumer sends request to portlet
To simplify the discussion assume all URLs are of type 2 (Actions to the same portlet).

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