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Subject: [wsrp][interfaces]: Agenda for 6/13 call

The following is the preliminary agenda for this Thursday's conference
call.  I may update/add to this later in the week.

We will continue discussing sessions.  Two issues/discussions emerged
from last weeks call that need to be completed:
     a) A model was discussed to support 2 types of session, explicit
and implicit sessions.  An explicit session is one that is (explicitly)
established by the consumer.  Its scope is defined by the consumer
including 1 to N producer entities.  An implicit session is established
by a producer's entity in response to any request.  Its scope is to just
the entity that created/returned the session.  Portlets must either run
in an environment that uses explicit sessions or implicit session or no
session at all.  The various options can't be intermixed.  There are two
questions:  first, should we allow producers to demand per entity
sessions?  If we do how should this "demand" be expressed?  I.e. are
implicit sessions the right way to model this?
     b) the question was raised as to how to support grouping entities
into distinct sessions/namespaces within a given consumer.  I.e. if we
have two entity types (a topic portlet and a newsfeed portlet) that
interoperate by sharing data, how do we support two groups of these
portlets running in the same page?  2 options were discussed.  In one
option a single session was shared between the two groups and
namespace/id was used to keep the data separate.  In the other option,
the producer (portlet service) defined a set of rules in its meta data
that described the supported grouping that the consumer must provide for
the producer.  We need to discuss/resolve which option (or some other)
to support.

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