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Subject: [wsrp][security] agenda for 6/12 telecon

After last week's telecon, I've gone back through the various standards
documents relating to digital signatures, and spent some time on the Apache
site reviewing the latest information on the Axis project.  Goal was to
assess the compatibility issues with using document-based security
mechanisms with WSRP.  Apache also has an implementation of the
XML-Signature spec.  I've also been going through the various requirements
related to authentication and confidentiality and would like to focus the
agenda on the following points:

0.  Reword R402 from:
There should be means for portlet to authenticate the portal when a service
request is made:
a.      authentication could be protocol-based(i.e. http/basic,
b.      authentication could be document-based(i.e. digitally signed)

to a more abstract:

The specification MUST define how portlet services MAY authenticate portal

The specification then enumerates concrete details for transport-based and
document-based mechanisms.

1.  WS-Security provides a mechanism to include digital signature elements
within a Security element within the Header element in a SOAP request.
Since a signature element does not hide any of the data which the signature
is generated against, do we have SOAP marshalling/unmarshalling issues with
XML-Signature elements (with appropriate constraints such as using only
'Enveloped' signatures) in WSRP?

2.  Signatures alone aren't sufficient to authenticate the sender; in the
case where intermediaries are involved or in a replay attack, additional
methods are needed to verify identity of sender.

3.  For transport-based authentication(http/basic or SSL/TLS with client
certificate), do these really require any WSRP-specific metadata(since these
are configured outside of the WSRP protocol during the setup of trust
relationship) to support these authentication methods?  

4.  R406 states:  A portlet should be able to require a portal to
authenticate the end user, 
     R407 states:  It should be possible to describe the level of
authentication required of the end user
     R408 states:  It should be possible for the portal to describe to the
portlet how it authenticated the end-user

It seems that these aren't very meaningful without a means for the portlet
to verify the portal's authentication of the end-user.  Is this a priority
requirement for the first release of the spec?  SAML would be the applicable
standard to apply here, but we need to decide whether to take this on with
everything else on the plate at the moment.

5. For confidentiality-related requirements, XML-Encryption provides a
mechanism for encrypting entire elements or element content.  By focusing on
element content encryption only, do we have any marshalling/unmarshalling
issues with existing SOAP stacks?

6. Do end-user personal data used as portlet parameter values need to be
treated any differently than any other portlet parameters that have
confidentiality requirements?

Time:  8:00 a.m. PST(11:00 a.m. EST, 5:00 p.m. CET)
Reservationless-Plus Toll Free Dial-In Number: 877.450.3529
Reservationless-Plus International Dial-In Number: +1.706.679.6653
Conference Code: 4254674195

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