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Subject: [wsrp] Information about the WSIA/WSRP November F2F


You can find location/hotel information for the November F2F  at "

Call-in information for the F2F Meeting:
    In the US: 877-302-8255
    Outside US: +1 303-928-2609
    Conference id:  8814427

E-Meeting Information for the F2F Meeting:
Monday 11/4: Meeting Name: WSRP/WSIA F2F Meeting - Day 1

Tuesday 11/5: Meeting Name: WSRP/WSIA F2F Meeting - Day 2

Wednesdy 11/6: Meeting Name: WSRP/WSIA F2F Meeting - Day 3

Thurseday 11/7: Meeting Name: WSRP/WSIA F2F Meeting - Day 4

Friday 11/8: Meeting Name: WSRP/WSIA F2F Meeting - Day 5

Attached you can find the list of members that have registered.

Thanks and Regards,


(See attached file: RegNovF2F.txt)
Attend Physically:
Charles Wiecha
Thomas Schaeck
Carsten Leue	
Rich Thompson	
Richard Cieply	
Andre Kramer	
Dan Gisolfi	
Yossi Tamari	
Eilon Reshef	
Gino Filicetti	
Joe Rudnicki	
Bruce Lucas	
Alan Kropp	
William Cox	
Brian Dirking	
Ravi Konuru	
Chris Braun	
Mike Freedman	
Gil Tayar
Mark Cassidy
Alejandro Abdelnur
T.J. Cox
Sunit Randhawa
Andy Sweet
Sasha Aickin
Eric van Lydegraf
Raj Ramesh
Adam Nolan

Srinivas Vadhri
Timothy N. Jones
Dave Clegg

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