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wsrp message

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Subject: wsrp-wsia mailing list

Dear members,

tonight (european time) OASIS switched to their new management system.
We are currently experiencing problems with the wsrp-wsia mailing list and
need to set up access rights accordingly.
Meanwhile all of our TC members should be able to post to the
wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org mailing list.
As I wrote in my "mailing list usage" thread I would like us to switch to
the wsrp list anyway.
I will inform you again once the wsrp-wsia list works again.
Please appologize for the inconvienience.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards,

        Richard Jacob
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
Dept.8288, WebSphere Portal Server Development
Phone: ++49 7031 16-3469  -  Fax: ++49 7031 16-4888
Email: mailto:richard.jacob@de.ibm.com

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