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Subject: Alternative for supporting a control set style

As the conversation this morning was generally negative concerning adding additional CSS styles that could represent  a set of mode controls I offer the following solution in lieu of working through a detailed design for something that will likely be rejected anyway.  Basically, the solution focuses on communicating to the portlet "layout" information that a portlet could then use to make UI decisions.  Passing such information is optional.  Using the information is optional.  However, portals that choose to pass such information can at least be ensured that the subset [hopefully large] that take it into consideration will yield a consistent UI within the portal.  The argument for including this "special" layout information continue to be that our specification forces the portlet to render these controls however the consumer/portal has a vested interest in establishing a consistent L/F for these controls.

Add the following optional field to MarkupParms:
[O] ModeControlLayout  modeControlLayout

where ModeControlLayout is:

     [R]  Controls controls[]
     [O]  ControlOrientation  controlOrientation
     [O]  ControlAlignment controlAlignment

Where Controls, ControlOrientation and ControlAlignment are restrictions on the string type that are contrained to specific values:
    Controls: "apply", "cancel", "ok", "reset", "previous", "next"
    ControlOrientation: "top", "bottom"
    ControlAlignment: "left", "center", "right"


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