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Subject: [wsrp] [wsrp-wsia] Spec v0.92

I have reflected the change request resolutions to-date into the spec to 
produce this version. I think the following are all the open items still 
needing resolution:

Left open at the Jan F2F:
 - Sasha to propose language for 1.2.4 about what the protocol enables 
End-Users to do.
 - WSDL subgroup to explore a more "natural" way to carry xml markup. 
(current best is in the markupBinary field)
 - Desire to rename the MarkupType Type. Suggestions have included 
MarkupSupport and MarkupFormat. Any others?

Open Change Requests:
 - 138 – How does info get to proxied resources
 - 141 – Add previous windowState and mode?
 - 207 – PortletDescription dependent on UserContext?
 - 213 – Require modes, windowstates & userAuthentication are URIs (This 
was in the set that was blanket adopted and is reflected in v0.92, but is 
enough different from the discussion of the blanket adopted set that I am 
calling it out here.)
 - 215 – Delete statement about “private conversational state”
 - 230 – Setting navState 
 - 234 – Delete section B.1

The "marked" version has had all of the formatting changes accepted so 
that it is easier to see the insertions and deletions. The second copy has 
had all changes accepted for those who find the change marks distracting.

An item that has been discussed in the WSDL subgroup that also merits 
calling out is that we define two types in our WSDL (StringArray and 
NamedStringArray) that we do not use. They have been left in the 
definition for possible use by extensions.

Rich Thompson

WSRP Specification v0.92-marked.doc

WSRP Specification v0.92.doc





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