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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [change request #249] Class name length impact on performance

This came from an internal review by our "performance police":

Document: Spec 0.92

Section: 10.5 CSS Style defintions

Page/Line: 72/15

Requested by: Michael Freedman

Old Text:

New Text:
shorter class names


Please strongly consider using *much* shorter names for these CSS elements.  We already have network latency/transmission issues due to the size of our existing CSS files because they cannot utilize browser compression.

Long names in the CSS definitions lead to large CSS files and noticably slower download times.  Additionally the "source" HTML pages that refer to the CSS's will be noticably larger as a result of these long names.

To give a concrete example, consider a centralized Portal server configuration, ie HQ/MOC, with a remote client in Singapore, operating over a fairly standard 200ms latency network.  Transmitting a 10k CSS file will cause ~6 round trips due to network startup costs.
Overall loss due to network Round trips = 220 * 6 or ~1.3s

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