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Subject: [wsrp] Change requests for Thursday, March 27th

The change requests (and current email discussion summaries) for the call are:

#237(b): Alternative for supporting a control set style
Discussion of how the Consumer can inform the Portlet of the controls "normally" in use for the mode/window state.

#240: Remove Interface.UnsupportedLocale fault

Discussion has come down to either we should:
    1. tighten up the semantics around locales (Consumer MUST select from the set declared as supported through the PortletDescription, etc.) ... this would keep the fault definition.
    2. Leave locales as a prioritized request and allow the Portlet to return any locale ... this would remove the fault definition.

#242: Logic of 127 chars recommendation unclear.
  => Suggestion looks to add clarity as to why the first 127 characters are recommended.

#243: extensions field description
  => Request breaks the one sentence description of the extensions field into 2 in order to clearly state that extensions elements MUST come from a non-wsrp namespace.

#244: Back door to declaring charsets for MarkupTypes
  => Should the spec comment on the mime type can include optional declarations such as charset?

#245: UserScope and caching
  => Is a Consumer prohibited or discouraged from caching content when it does not understand the specified userScope?

#246: userProfileItemDescriptions rename
  => Consistency says this field should be customUserProfileItemsDescriptions

#247: Rename binding wsdl file
  => Noting that for consistency, this filename should use the plural "bindings".

#248: Section CSS classes
  => Question raised whether to define a parallel set of classes that are table specific?

#249: Class name length impact on performance
  => Request by the "performance police" that the class names be shortened.

#250: Only 1 performBlockingInteraction() per End-User interaction?
  => What is the harm as long as the blocking semantics are followed? Also, this conflicts with the required semantics of receiving back an InvalidSession or InvalidCookie fault message.

#???: redirectURL mutually exclusive with interactionResponse
  => discussion thread (not a formal change request) questioning whether all of the UpdateResponse structure should be mutually exclusive with redirectURL.

Others that may still arrive .....

Rich Thompson

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