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Subject: Groups - WSRP TC modified

WSRP TC has been modified by Richard Jacob (richard.jacob@de.ibm.com).

Event description:
USA Toll Free Number: 877-302-8255
USA Toll Number: +1 303-928-2609
PASSCODE: 8814427

There was a request that we try and walk through these requests in section 
order in order to reduce the context switching necessary. These have been 
so ordered with some commentary about the nature of the change request as 

I expect to walk through the change requests in this order:

Small editorial/grammar changes (I do not expect to walk through these 
unless there are objections):
 175  Clarify available modes
   Section 5.1.10 / Page 19 / Line 39
   Adds language for what modes are available and which should be 

 176  ID, Key and Handle not used in WSDL
   Add comments about why the types Handle, ID and Key are not used in the 

 180  Correct section reference
   Section 3.8 / Page 13 / Line 14 

 181  Reword "block all"
   Section 3.10 / Page 13 / Line 33
   Proposes rewording in the negative so that the word "block" is not 

 182  Clearer definition of extensions field
   Section 5.1.6 + many others / Page 17 / Line 41
   Proposal rewords this oft repeated statement.

Substantive changes:
 168  Nil desiredLocales => sendAllLocales?
   Sections 5.2 & 8.2 / Page/Line: 25/23 & 52/17
   Proposal is to drop sendAllLocales in favor of a nil value for 

 141  Add previous windowState and mode?
   Section 6.1.2 / Page 26 / Line 46
   This would place the burden of remembering the previous windowsState 
and mode on the Consumer and thereby permit the Portlet to know about 
interesting transitions that do not involve user interactions with the 
Portlet's markup.

 178  markupCharacterSet in MarkupContext
   Section 6.1.10 / Page 31 / Line 26
   Proposal adds this field. Email discussion has suggested adding text 
referencing the RFC for mime types and providing an example for declaring 
the charset.

 139  Add optional UpdateResponse.isSecure?
   Section 6.1.13 / Page 34 / Line 32
   This would enable the return from performBlockingInteraction() to 
change whether or not the Portlet needs the client page to be secure.

 166  Add UserProfile.profileItems?
   Section 6.1.18 / Page 64 / Line 18
   Proposal is for an explicit mechanism to carry string extensions to the 

 194  P3P alignment
   Section 6.1.18 and  11 / Page/Line: 35/49 + pages 68-69
   Notes that the change of the name field to personname was not carried 

 165  Semantics of no userProfile vs no userProfile data
   Section 6.1.19 / Page 39 / Line 22
   Proposal is to inform Portlets when the UserContext is shared using a 
nil userProfile.

 187  Cacheability and perform*Interaction
   Section 6.3.x / Page 39 / Line 9 
   Two alternatives proposed for clarifying how the protocol has clues for 
interactions impacting caching. Discussion has centered around whether we 
want anything in the spec until we define full invalidation caching.

 173  What does it mean to support registration?
   Section 8.3 / Page 52 / Line 20-22
   We have a conformance statement regarding Producers supporting 
registration. It currently points at the requireRegistration flag ... not 
an exact match.

 162  Require Consumers to support UTF-8?
   Section 10.1 / Page 55 / Line 22
   Proposal notes that we imply the answer to this question is yes and 
suggests adding a conformance statement to that effect.

 143  Properly encode '&' in examples and BNF
   Section 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 / Page 58 & 61 / Line 15 & 24
   Question raised is whether or not the fragment containing a URL 
destined for consumer rewriting needs to be strictly XML compliant. If so, 
our '&' should be changed to '&'.

 177  Templates MUST send placeholders
   Section - / Page 61 
   Change 'SHOULD' to 'MUST' for the placement of fundamental parameters 
in action, etc templates (not for the default templates).

 164  Namespacing Portlet URL Parameters
   Section 10.3 / Page 64 / Line 18
   Alternate text suggested for clarity reasons.

 138  How does info get to proxied resources (Insert a new section 10.4?) 

   Section 10.4 (insert a new section at this point in the spec)
   In addition to a new section to discuss proxied resources, this request 
raises the question of how does a resource get access to information. 
Current discussion has noted three existing techniques and proposed one 
new technique. The three existing are:
  1) Cookies that are properly defined/processed relative to cookie 
  2) URL-encoding of the information.
  3) URL-encoding of an indirection to the information.
The proposed new technique is to define HTTP headers that carry 
UserContext and UserProfile information. The portlet could use portlet URL 
parameters to control whether or not these two items are supplied to a 

 193  Asserting multiple standard user categories
   Section B.2 / Page 77 / Line 25
   Adds explicit statements that multiple std user categories can be 
asserted and that there are no correlations between them.

 192  Prevent localization of standard user category names
   Section 5.1.9 / Page 18 / Line 36
   Notes that the description for std user categories are their names and 
they are not localized.

 195  Add registrationMethods
   Section 5.1.18 / Page 23 / Line 7
   Proposal adds a field to enable a Producer to provide guidance for how 
to register. In-band technique is identified by the portType name as this 
eliminates dependencies on particular bindings while not inventing yet 
another name.

Conformance statements:
 179  Drop duplicate extensions conformance statement
   Section 3.3 / Page 11 / Line 5-6
   Proposal notes that this is a weaker version of a conformance statement 
from 5.1.1

 183  Drop extension field's conformance statement?
   Section 5.1.1 / Page 16 / Line 29
   This changes the oft used statement about extensions to something more 
closely resembling defining the field.

 184  Handle truncation
   Section 5.1.2 / Page 16 / Line 41
   Makes statement stand-alone

 185  ResetProperty name conformance statement
   Section 5.1.13 / Page 21 / Line 23
   Makes statement stand-alone

 186  PropertyDescription name description
   Section 5.1.15 / Page 22 / Line 10
   Makes statement stand-alone

 188  Conformance -> Semantics (#1)
   26 proposed changes that drop conformance language that is viewed as 

 189  Processing groupID duplicate
   Section 3.8 / Page 13 / Line 14-15
   Proposal notes this is a duplicate and suggests a forward reference to 
the section instead.

 190  User Categories in PortletDescription
   Section 5.1.11 / Page 20 / Line 5-7
   Proposal notes this is a duplicate conformance statement (ref: 5.1.9) 
using more convoluted English.

 191  Namespace prefixing
   Section 10.3 / Page 63 / Line 12
   Changes SHOULD to MUST and notes that JavaScript names may not start 
with a numerical character.

 196   Making conformance statements stand-alone
   20 requests to make various conformance statements sensible when they 
are extracted from the specification.

 197  Specifying WSDL file locations
   Section 14 / Page 72 / Line 2
   Rewords this conformance statement to say the WSDL on OASIS is the 
normative copy of the WSDL.

 198  Require Consumers to supply CSS stylesheets?
   Section 10.5 / Page 65 / Line 20
   Proposal adds a conformance statement requiring Consumer to support the 
std CSS classes the spec defines.

 199  Conformance -> Semantics (#2)
   13 proposed changes that drop conformance language that is viewed as 

Date:  Tuesday, 04 March 2003
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm Eastern Time

View event details:

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