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Subject: RE: [wsrp] on non-blocking perform interaction

The removal or adding of operations is indeed a nice future but has one
major drawback:
it would break precompiled proxies if you remove operation from a portType.
I think that's why we introduced the different portTypes (interfaces) and
split the functionality into groups: to indicate what functionality is
supported by the producer.
If a producer wants to add/remove operations from portTypes it should then
define its own portType/Binding.
Then it will loose its interoperability as this would be a standard conform

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards,

        Richard Jacob
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
Dept.8288, WebSphere Portal Server Development
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In fact, you don't even need a no-op, as one can build a server from a wsdl
that does not have a perform(NonBlocking)Interaction. A nice feature of
is that things will still work if one removes or even adds methods. And I
would say the contract between a producer and a portlet is a private one

Not wishing to re-visit the discussion, but, having relaxed the strict
mapping of client request / aggregation to performBlockingAction, and with
perform(NonBlocking)Action's future still uncertain (if we remove it then
perform(Blocking)Action would be more likely to be used multiply and with
returned mode changes etc ignored), I would like to make sure we
re-structure performBlockingInteraction's return values (so that we can
clone-on-write and initiate a portlet session, while returning a
redirectURL). Rich, could you promote my question on this to a change
request, TBD post #142?

Indeed, if we remove performInteraction, I believe we should also include a
boolean in InteractionParameters to help indicate if a re-direct is allowed
by the consumer: boolean consumerUncommitted, default false (but maybe I'm
jumping the [percussion-only] gun).


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From: Alejandro Abdelnur [mailto:alejandro.abdelnur@sun.com]
Sent: 28 March 2003 01:44
To: 'wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [wsrp] on non-blocking perform interaction

A short follow up on today's discussion on this topic,

Mike is right on that a producer does not have to do anything in this
method, a NOP is enough. However the producer must stop portlets from
creating non-blocking action URLs. And on the consumer side, the
consumer must handle non-blocking perform interaction calls as it does
not know if producers/portlets will create non-blocking action URLs.


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