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Subject: Re: [wsrp] [change request #237a] Can a CSS class write the label of abutton?

My key point was that the CSS class can not set the label outside of setting an image that embedded the label.

Rich Thompson

Alejandro Abdelnur <alejandro.abdelnur@sun.com>

03/27/2003 07:08 PM

        cc:        wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
        Subject:        Re: [wsrp] [change request #237a] Can a CSS class write the label of a button?

A class may contain much more stuff than the label or image, things like font, font size, spacing, alignment, color, etc, etc. Those things certainly help achieving common look and feel. IMO these classes are useful.

What we could do is recommend/mandate consumers to define labels and icons in the CSS for these classes. Portlets wanting to use the *portal* defaults can omit those attributes in the generated markup. Portlets wanting to provide their own values can do it.


Rich Thompson wrote:

In looking back through previous work, it is clear I was confusing XSLT styling with CSS styling. In XSLT it is trivial to write the labels for buttons, but appears to not be doable in CSS. One can use CSS to set a background image, but any label text of the markup overlays this. Therefore I think either we require Consumers to set such an image and prohibit Portlets from writing label text for elements using our control classes (allows the image to contain the relevant words) or we decide they are not worth defining in v1 as they are more likely to cause poor UIs than good UIs.

Rich Thompson

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