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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Minutes for 27 March 2003 Meeting

Danny, I allow myself to change that in the minutes and add the corrected
version on the member pages.
I hope you don't mind.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards,

        Richard Jacob
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
Dept.8288, WebSphere Portal Server Development
Phone: ++49 7031 16-3469  -  Fax: ++49 7031 16-4888
Email: mailto:richard.jacob@de.ibm.com

|         |           Rich             |
|         |           Thompson/Watson/I|
|         |           BM@IBMUS         |
|         |                            |
|         |           03/28/2003 05:34 |
|         |           PM               |
  |                                                                                                                                                  |
  |       To:       wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org                                                                                                        |
  |       cc:                                                                                                                                        |
  |       Subject:  Re: [wsrp] Minutes for 27 March 2003 Meeting                                                                                     |

I noticed that the change request number for the email vote was wrong ...
it should be #142.

Rich Thompson

   "Danny Machak"                                                         
   <dmachak@tibco.com>                     To:        WSRP                
   03/28/2003 11:25 AM                     Subject:        [wsrp] Minutes 
                                   for 27 March 2003 Meeting              

Meeting started at 8:06  PST

Roll Call
Voting Members:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      yes
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 no
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      yes
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   yes
Atul Batra             Sun                      yes
Amir Blich             SAP                      yes
Chris Braun            Novell                   no
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
T.J. Cox               Novell                   no
William Cox            BEA                      yes
Brian Dirking          Stellent                 no
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 yes
Richard Jacob          IBM                      yes
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            yes
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   yes
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Carsten Leue           IBM                      yes
Dan Machak             Tibco                    yes
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  yes
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               yes
Raj Ramesh             CommerceOne              no
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  yes
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      yes
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      yes
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              yes
Gil Tayar              WebCollage               no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      yes
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      yes

Total voting members:          29
Voting members in attendance:  23 (79%)
A quorum was present.

Members on Leave Of Absence
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  LOA
Joe Rudnicki           U.S. Navy                LOA
Steven Smith           Capitol College          LOA
Eric van Lydegraf      Kinzan                   LOA

The minutes from 3/20/03 were accepted

Schedule for finishing the spec (Thomas):

March 26 Deadline for submitting Change Requests

March 27 and April 3 calls  to process these Change requests.

Email vote to commence April 10 and end April 16

The March 26 date is a hard cutoff date, and the other
dates are targets.

Summary of Change Requests

237b- Alternative for supporting a control set style    DEFERRED(1.1)
240 - Remove Interface.UnsupportedLocale fault   PARTIALLY ACCEPTED*
242 - Logic of 127 chars recommendation unclear.           ACCEPTED
243 - extensions field description                         ACCEPTED
244 - Back door to declaring charsets for MarkupTypes      ACCEPTED
245 - UserScope and caching                                WITHDRAWN
246 - userProfileItemDescriptions rename                   ACCEPTED
247 - Rename binding wsdl file                             ACCEPTED
248 - Section CSS classes                                  ACCEPTED
249 - Class name length impact on performance              DEFERRED
250 - Only 1 performBlockingInteraction()
      per End-User interaction?                            ACCEPTED

* See details below

#237(b): Alternative for supporting a control set style
=> Discussion of how the Consumer can inform the Portlet of the
  controls "normally" in use for the mode/window state.

The question here was to allow the Consumer to pass an ordered
list of controls to the Producer and to specify the layout of
those controls in the generated markup.

There was a general feeling that we should spend more time
considering this functionality in the next version of the spec.

There was to be two separate votes: one to decide whether
the Consumer specifies the order of controls, and if that
passes, on whether the Consumer can specify a layout of those
controls within the markup.

Vote results on Consumer specifying the order of controls:

yes:     3
no:      16
abstain: 4

Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      no
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      no
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   no
Atul Batra             Sun                      no
Amir Blich             SAP                      no
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
William Cox            BEA                      no
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 no
Richard Jacob          IBM                      no
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            abstain
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   no
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Carsten Leue           IBM                      no
Dan Machak             Tibco                    no
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  no
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               no
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  abstain
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      no
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      no
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      abstain
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      abstain

There was no need to vote on the layout question.

Resolution: Deferred to 1.1


The decision on 237 (a) was re-opened. There is a concern that
the Consumer would have to define a stylesheet for each locale
in order to address locale-specific labels.

#240: Remove Interface.UnsupportedLocale fault
=> Discussion has come down to either we should:
   1. tighten up the semantics around locales (Consumer MUST
      select from the set declared as supported through the
      PortletDescription, etc.) ... this would keep the fault
   2. Leave locales as a prioritized request and allow the
      Portlet to return any locale ... this would remove the
      fault definition.

Resolution: Accepted in modifed form: go with option 2, but keep
           the fault as a Specialization of OperationFailed in
           order to allow a portlet to support the tight semantics.

#242: Logic of 127 chars recommendation unclear.
 => Suggestion looks to add clarity as to why the first
    127 characters are recommended.

Resolution: Accepted.

#243: extensions field description
 => Request breaks the one sentence description of the extensions
    field into 2 in order to clearly state that extensions elements
    MUST come from a non-wsrp namespace.

Resolution: Accepted.

#244: Back door to declaring charsets for MarkupTypes
 => Should the spec comment on the mime type can include
    optional declarations such as charset?

Resolution: Accepted. Spec will comment that the mime type should
           not be used in this way.

#245: UserScope and caching
 => Is a Consumer prohibited or discouraged from caching content
    when it does not understand the specified userScope?

Resolution: Withdrawn

#246: userProfileItemDescriptions rename
 => Consistency says this field should be

Resolution: Accepted.

#247: Rename binding wsdl file
 => Noting that for consistency, this filename should use
    the plural "bindings".

Resolution: Accepted.

#248: Section CSS classes
 => Question raised whether to define a parallel set of
    classes that are table specific?

Resolution: Accepted

#249: Class name length impact on performance
 => Request by the "performance police" that the class
    names be shortened.

Resolution: Deferred. Consider other names over the next week.

#250: Only 1 performBlockingInteraction() per End-User interaction?
 => What is the harm as long as the blocking semantics are
    followed? Also, this conflicts with the required semantics
    of receiving back an InvalidSession or InvalidCookie
    fault message.

Resolution: Accepted: Redo the sentence so that a portlet will
           only recieve one performBlockingInteraction() per
           request. Clarify language about allowing for retries.
           Semantics of performBlockingInteraction() are similar
           to synchronized methods.

Revist Tie Vote on CR 242?

There will be an email vote on this issue. Thomas will set this up.

Next Meeting:

Thursday April 3
      8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET
      duration: 2 hours

Meeting officially adjournded at 10:09 AM PST

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