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wsrp message

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Subject: Minutes for 03 April 2003 Meeting

Meeting started at 8:03  PST

Roll Call
Voting Members:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      yes
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 yes
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      yes
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   yes
Atul Batra             Sun                      no
Amir Blich             SAP                      no
Chris Braun            Novell                   yes
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
T.J. Cox               Novell                   yes
William Cox            BEA                      yes
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 yes
Richard Jacob          IBM                      yes
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            yes
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   yes
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Dan Machak             Tibco                    yes
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  no
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               no
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  no
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      yes
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      no
Steven Smith           Capitol College          yes
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              yes
Gil Tayar              WebCollage               no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      yes
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      yes

Total voting members:          27
Voting members in attendance:  20 (74%)
A quorum was present.

Members on Leave Of Absence
Brian Dirking          Stellent                 LOA
Carsten Leue           IBM                      LOA
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  LOA
Joe Rudnicki           U.S. Navy                LOA
Eric van Lydegraf      Kinzan                   LOA

The minutes from 3/27/03 were accepted

Summary of Change Requests

  242 - Remove Perform Interaction                           ACCEPTED
  237 - CSS Common Control Classes                       NOT ACCEPTED
  249 - Class name length impact on performance          NOT ACCEPTED
  251 - Remove text that Producer may
        provide Access Control                           NOT ACCEPTED
  252 - WSRP version field into ServiceDescription     DEFERRED (1.1)
  253 - Extension field at top-level data structures.    NOT ACCEPTED
  254 - Flatten User data structures.                    NOT ACCEPTED
  141: IP Concerns                                             CLOSED

Also, see details below for some issues that did not
have CR numbers.

#242 - Remove Perform Interaction

Email vote decided to remove PerformInteraction
yes:     16
no :     5
abstain: 3

Detailed voting results can be found on the Oasis website.

#237 - CSS Common Control Classes

Rich  - CSS cannot support specifying a label.
Andre - Some browsers may support this, but it is not standard.

Resolution: Not Accepted. drop section that was inserted for
             control styles.

#249: Class name length impact on performance
   => Request by the "performance police" that the class
      names be shortened.

Resolution: Not Accepted. Clarity is more important.

redirect URL is mutally exclusive with update response.

Question 1: Can NonBlockingInteraction return a cloned portlet
             and a new session during a client redirect.

Resolution: Consideration Deferred until 1.1 version.

Question 2: Should UpdateResponse include InteractionResponse as a
             field, or just include same fields as

Resolution: InteractionResponse structure will be dropped, and fields
             will be added directly to UpdateResponse.

Question 4: rename performBlockingInteraction to performInteraction?

Resolution: keep as performBlockingInteraction, since this makes
             it easier to introduce performInteraction later.
#251: Remove text that Producer may provide
       Access Control (Section 9.3)

Resolution: Not Accepted. Leave section as is.

#252: WSRP version field into ServiceDescription

For: Allows Producers and Consumers to know which version each
      are using.

Against: Version is really based on WSDL. Unclear what version
          to set if a Producer implements multiple versions of the

Resolution: Deferred until 1.1.

#253: Should only have Extension field at top-level data
       structures, and not on nested structures.

Resolution: Not Accepted
#254: Should flatten User data structures in order to provide
       better XML parsing.

Resolution: Not Accepted

#141: IP Concerns

Both companies have posted IPR statements on OASIS web site.

Resolution: Closed.

Road towards OASIS standard

- each company should be reviewing the IPR statements related to
   WSRP technology.

- Statements from 3 member companies are needed that state they
   are making use of the standard. These should be sent to Thomas.

TC Vote will complete on April 24th


Next Meeting:

Thursday April 10
        8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm CET
        duration: 1 hour

Conformance Interoperability sub-group will meet at
        9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm CET
following the main call.


Meeting officially adjourned at 9:49 AM PST

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