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wsrp message

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Subject: Minutes for 17 April 2003 Meeting

Meeting started at 8:02  PST

Roll Call
Voting Members:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      yes
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 no
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      yes
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   no
Atul Batra             Sun                      no
Amir Blich             SAP                      no
Chris Braun            Novell                   no
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
T.J. Cox               Novell                   yes
William Cox            BEA                      yes
Brian Dirking          Stellent                 yes
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 yes
Richard Jacob          IBM                      yes
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            no
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   yes
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Carsten Leue           IBM                      yes
Dan Machak             Tibco                    yes
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  no
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  yes
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      yes
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      no
Steven Smith           Capitol College          yes
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              yes
Gil Tayar              WebCollage               no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      yes
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      no

Prospective Members:
Michael Bosch          Vignette                 yes
Christopher Coco       Vignette                 no
Winston Damarillo      GlueCode Software        yes
Noah Guyot             Vignette                 yes
David Holladay         Microsoft                no

Total voting members:          28
Voting members in attendance:  18 (64%)
A quorum was present.

Members on Leave Of Absence
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               LOA
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  LOA
Joe Rudnicki           U.S. Navy                LOA
Eric van Lydegraf      Kinzan                   LOA

The minutes from 4/10/03 were accepted

Summary of Change Requests

  No change requests were discussed

Changes for 0.94 version of spec.

Inconsistency on handling invalid cookie fault vs. invalid
session fault.

invalid session - consumer *must* re-invoke operation after
                   updating session.
invalid cookie - consumer *should* re-invoke operation after
                  updating cookie.

Either handling for session will change to *should*, or handling
for cookie will change to a *must*.

Arguments in favor of making cookie handling a *must*: Avoid
sending multiple invalid cookies. Necessary to show valid content
on that page.

Arguments in favor of making sessing handling a "should": Allows
Consumers flexibility to just show 'invalid content' message
on a page, and fix the cookie or session next time around.

Will change section to read that consumer must not re-supply
same session ID, and should re-invoke the operation that resulted
with the fault.

First sentence of introduction: delete first "presentation oriented"

Delete 3 types from WSDL Mode, WindowState, UserScope. These types
are not referenced in the WSDL. They were meant to be extended.
Specification Timeline

Rich will send out final today (version 0.95).

Richard Jacob will set up a vote, which will end on the 24th. Need
2/3 for approval. If approved, will rename to version 1.0.

At that point, there will be the public review process. We will vote
on going to public review in next Thursday's teleconference. This
will be a minimum of 30 days.

Update of Sample Implementation

Need to wait until JSR-168 container goes into public review before
releasing WSRP open source implementation. These will both be
proposed Apache jakarta projects. This is expected in June.

WSRP server has been set up by IBM for testing consumers.

IBM Looking into providing a WSRP client.

Overview of Subgroups

wsrp-conformance (Rich Thompson)
16 members

Started with extracting conformance statements from spec.

Cross Portlet Communication(Rich Thompson)
No activity on this. Will set up a meeting for next week.

WSRP Description and Transport Issues(Andre Kramer)
extenstion of WSDL sub-group.

looking at attachment support and support for security (WS-Security)

Interop (Thomsas Schaeck)
No activity until after 1.0 is settled down.

Markup (Rex Brooks)
6 members (looking for more)

Publish/Find/Bind (Alan Kropp)
First meeting next week. Has sent out a charter already.
- there has been interest in UDDI 2.0

Next Meeting:

Thursday April 24
        8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm CET
        duration: 1 hour


Meeting officially adjourned at 8:48 AM PST

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