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Subject: [wsrp] [errata #3] Drop intf: from fault message references in bindingdefinitions

3. 4/24/03 (Claus Von Riegen)

Our WSDL uses qualified names to reference portType fault operations from soap:fault elements. Taking the following WSDL fragment (that is part of a wsdl:operation, which in turn is part of a wsdl:binding) as an example,
 <wsdl:fault name="AccessDenied">
   <soap:fault name="intf:AccessDenied" use="literal"/>
The "intf:" prefix makes the WSDL document invalid against the WSDL 1.1
schema, since the soap:fault name attribute is of type NCName. Removing all occurrences of the "intf:" prefix should resolve the issue.

Document: wsrp_v1_bindings.wsdl
Section: throughout

Old Text:  <soap:fault name="intf:...
New Text:   <soap:fault name="...

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