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Subject: [wsrp] [errata #12] Missing "wsrp-" in example

12. 4/24/03 (Andrew Wright <andrew.wright@oracle.com>)
I just noticed in 0.95 of the WSRP spec pg 64, ln 20, an URL rewriting example is given as:


I think it should be:

Document: Spec
Section: (example 3)
Old Text: wsrp-rewrite?wsrp-urlType=blockingAction&wsrp-secureURL=true&wsrp-navigationalState=a8h4K5JD9&interactionState=fg4h923mdk/wsrp-rewrite

New Text: wsrp-rewrite?wsrp-urlType=blockingAction&wsrp-secureURL=true&wsrp-navigationalState=a8h4K5JD9&wsrp-interactionState=fg4h923mdk/wsrp-rewrite

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