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wsrp message

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Subject: BEA Usage of WSRP

On behalf of BEA Systems, Inc, I certify that we are successfully using
the WSRP Committee Specification (wsrp-specification-1.0-cs-0.95)
consistently with the OASIS IPR Policy.

We are using this specification in conjunction with Java Specification
Request 168 (Portlet Specification), which is just starting Public
Review. For rapid market takeup and programming simplicitly the
harmonization of these two specifications is very important--these two
specifications need to work seamlessly together.

We believe that this specification, after updates subsequent to a final
public review cycle to ensure both harmonization with JSR 168 and
comjpletion of .NET interoperability work, will be ready to become an
OASIS Standard.

William T. Cox
tel;fax:+1 908 580 3060
tel;work:+1 908 580 3458
org:BEA Systems, Inc.;Architecture and Standards
adr:;;140 Allen Road;Liberty Corner;NJ;07938;USA
title:Technical Director
fn:William Cox

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