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Subject: Attendees list (security admit) for F2F starting September 15

I've combined some email with the info on the web site (the "ballot" for the F2F).  This summarizes who I think will be there, and should be on the list for security.  My cell is 908 385 7855 if you need to reach me over the weekend. I plan to give these to the BEA staff for security admission to the building late today, but changes can be made Friday morning.

It's looking like we will be able to have internet access, but I won't know for sure until Monday morning.

bill cox

NO RESPONSE/UNKNOWN - no response on ballot. If you're coming, please let me know ASAP. will not be on security admit list.
Sasha Aickin
Olin Atkinson
Amir Blich
Metin Ergener
Dan Machak
David Raphael
Nigel Ratcliffe
Joseph Rudnicki
Eric van Lydegraf

REMOTE/DIAL-IN ONLY - will not be on security admit list
Brian Dirking
David Holladay
Jon Klein
Steven Smith

WILL BE THERE IN PERSON - will be on security admit list
Abdelnur Alejandro
Atul Batra
Chris Braun
William Cox
Michael Freedman
Rosds Fubini
Richard Jacob
Andre Kramer
Alan Kropp
Carsten Leue
J Macna
Allamaruaju Subbu
Gil Tayar
Schaeck Thomas
Rich Thompson

SAID THEY PLAN TO BE THERE IN PERSON BUT CAN'T COMMIT YET - will be on security admit list, unless you tell me otherwise:
Rex Brooks
Winston Damarillo
Yossi Tamari

SAID THEY WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN PERSON OR REMOTELY - will not be on security admit list:
T.J. Cox
Noah Guyot
Dmitry Jirov
Sunit Randhawa
Charles Wiecha

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