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Subject: Re: [wsrp] New standards proposal for search

Interesting proposal. I had a couple of questions:

1. Why have this be a JCP standard rather than a broader web service standard (likely with a matching JCP compliant std)?
2. Would not it be a useful goal for this to be a subset of ISO 23950 (the broad overarching search standard)?


"Ross Fubini" <rossf@plumtree.com>

12/04/2003 11:45 PM

[wsrp] New standards proposal for search

Hi all,

On behalf of Plumtree I am proposing a new JSR specification for a Search Specification to the JCP.  We've completed a final draft of the proposal and I'm looking to build the initial expert group from interested people in the standards community.  It would be great to have companies and members from the WSRP and JSR 168 efforts involved in this new effort.  I've attached the proposal for your review.  If you are interested in joining the expert group or otherwise participating please send me an email.   I will be submitting the proposal early next week with the initial Expert Group.  

Thanks, <<Search _vision-JSR format.doc>>


Ross Fubini
Engineering Manager
Plumtree Software
(415) 399-3341

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Search _vision-JSR format.doc

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