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Subject: [wsrp] XML 2003 report

Both the talk and demo at XML 2003 were attended by 30-40 people (room capacities were around 50-60). There was significant interest in what the standard enabled and people were quite impressed to see the aggregation from 5 Producers working so well this short a time after the standard was approved. Flipping between the three pre-release Consumers that BEA, IBM and Oracle made available also helped make the point that this functionality was implementable and provided the desired results.

WSRP was also mentioned favorably by Jon Udell in his keynote as allowing applications access to presentation fragments from components that were running in whatever environment was natural for them. I followed up with Jon and learned he was about to write a sidebar for a magazine about JSR 168 and WSRP. We had quite a good conversation about what these standards are and how they inter-relate.

I also had a conversation with Farrukh and Joe (they have stepped forward to write the ebXML Registry Technical Note) as they were at XML 2003 to demo ebXML capabilities. They were quite impressed with the WSRP demo and are definitely energized to get this tech note going.

Thanks again to all who worked to ensure the demo was functional in time for this conference!

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