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wsrp message

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Subject: Agenda for teleconferencers

As we have a significant number of folks hoping to attend by 
teleconference (7ish) careful agenda planning can increase folks ability 
to participate.  For the seven of you that indicated you will attend via 
teleconference can you e-mail me the time zone you will be calling from 
and how early in the morning [for those in the U.S. its reasonable for 
you get up to participate] so I can get a better understanding of if 
there is enough hours/overlap to make an attempt at reshuffling agenda 
ietms to better fit your preferences/schedules?  If it looks fruitful I 
will follow up with an overview of the proposed agenda and the basic 
goals for each item [as I know it] so you can send in your priorities.

The seven are:
Scott Goldstein
Farrukh Najmi
Jon Klein
Olin Atkinson
Howard Crow
William Cox
Rex Brooks


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