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Subject: Important if you want net access at the F2F

   In order to give you access to the Oracle proxy server out to the Internet I will need you to sign a Non-Disclosure form prior to coming to the F2F.  I have attached our standard disclosure form for your review.  When I return from vacation in a week I will resend/remind you that I need these forms.  At the time I will send the details for what to fill in the fields.  You will then need to send me a signed copy no later then the 26th so I can do the work on my end to get your access approved.  If you won't need Net access you can ignore this message/form.  If you or your company has problems with the wording of this form there unfortunately is no time to get/make modifications.  You will just not be given access to the network.  Sorry both about the late notice and the hassle.  I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone.

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Subject: CDA and procedure
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Here is the instruction and the agreement. Once you have the CDA signed 
by the non Oracle conference attendees, please fax the agreement back to 
me at 650.633.3647. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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