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Subject: Re: [wsrp] getPortletProperties(), desired locale

I would say this looks like an item that simply got missed in the v1 API. I suppose the save thing to do it return the property values for all locales since there is no way to indicate the desiredLocales.



07/15/2004 00:23 GMT






[wsrp] getPortletProperties(), desired locale

          This document expires on 10/12/2004
for operations that return localized data, the pattern is to send desired locales as a possible limiter, indicating what locales the consumer is interested in.

the getPortletProperties() operation returns a list of localized property values. said operation is not passed the desired locales. in the case when there is a jsr-168 portlet behind the wsrp portlet, it is possible for the jsr-168 portlet to have multiple localized preference values for a given preference name (see PLT.14.3.1 in the 1.0 portlet spec).

is getPortletProperties() expected to return multiple localized values for a given property name?

if so, why does this operation not accept desired locales?

if not, how does the producer choose which localized values to send back?


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