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Subject: [Fwd: Web conferencing]

For those of you attending the F2F via teleconference, presentations will be broadcast via webconference.  So things will go smoothly on August 3rd, can those of you attending via teleconference read the forwarded e-mail below and follow the steps to verify/prepare your systems?  FYI ... we have already verfied this process in the Interfaces subcommittee and things seemed to work without a hitch.  Please e-mail me if you have any problems.

Also, FYI ... this webconferencing tool allows us to record both the presentations as well as the voice.  Unfortunately the playback can't be fast forwarded.  I will do my best to create separate recordings for each agenda item at the F2F so you can catch up on your favorite topic at your convenience each day.

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As I mentioned on the call today I hope to use Oracle's web conferencing 
software as the interactive meeting platform for our teleconferencers at 
the F2F.  To make sure this will work as planned I would like to try 
using it in a smaller group when I am still in the U.S. and potentially 
able to resolve kinks.  So I would like to use this for the calls on the 
21 and 22nd.  Prior to these dates could you hit 
http://conference.oracle.com and click on the "new user" button.  You 
should get a new screen that allows you to test your system and if 
necessary do a manual download of the Oracle client.  Click "Test".  If 
the test is successful you should be ready to go.  The test "installs" 
the client. The Manual Download is provided because there are some 
situations in which this auto-download/install fail.  If the test fails 
you should be able to click through to a test status screen that 
describes what/what fails.  If its configuration  [i.e. how IE is set 
up, etc].   fix if possible and retry.  Note: full support/compatibility 
is only available on IE 5.5 or greater.  Thanks.

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