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Subject: Re: [wsrp] First draft of WSRP 1.0 FAQ

Here are the comments I had on first read. I will try and take a look at breadth of questions, etc later.


"Coco, Christopher" <Christopher.Coco@vignette.com>

09/10/2004 07:18 PM

[wsrp] First draft of WSRP 1.0 FAQ


I've uploaded a first run at the WSRP 1.0 FAQ. If you get a chance please give the document a read.
Its a compiled list of some of the questions that came up at the August F2F along with questions I received

internally here. Any and all comments will be appreciated.


Christopher Coco
Senior Software Engineer

Vignette Builder

p. 415.995.3534 | f. 415.975.9801

Vignette’s software and expertise help organizations harness
the power of information and the Web to deliver measurable
improvements in business efficiency. Vignette is the efficiency
expert. Visit
http://www.vignette.com/ to learn more.


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