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wsrp message

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Subject: Moving on

I've should have done this months ago, it has been in my TODOs list for 
a while now and a reminder from Rick on my LOA status bumped it up to 
the top.

I've taken a LOA from the WSRP TC back in December 2003. While I'm 
still at Sun and in the Portal Group, my responsibilities have shifted. 
Adding to that the fact that Atul and Farrukh are doing a great job 
from the Sun side I've requested Rich to terminate my WSRP TC 

I've had the chance to work with and learn from very sharp folks in the 
2+ years of involvement in WSRP, and most of all it has been fun.

I'm sure we'll cross paths a few more times.

Thanks very much and see you around.



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