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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Re: Q about resource usage with http post

As I read your first paragraph, I also went to using the concept of resources as the right way to accomplish what you need (i.e. the updated fragment is a resource from the Consumer's point of view). Is there a particular reason the information you want to transfer has to be via http post rather than get? This sounds a lot like some of the things I did in a previous research project, but we used http get for all the transfers.



09/23/2004 02:35 PM

[wsrp] Re: Q about resource usage with http post

In our case we are implementing a mechanims for "selective page refresh"
using DHTML. I.e. we have to completely bypass the Portlet Interaction
model. There seems to be no specific provision for this in the WSRP Spec
(V1). For example performBlockingAction() either has to return the complete
markup or it has to be followed by getMarkup(), we can't just return some
change information and partially update a portlet. (I realize that when
multiple portlets are displayed by a Consumer and one of the portlets needs
to be re-rendered that the Consumer may re-render all portlet, which breaks
our selective refresh paradigm for that case.)

For these reasons we're trying to POST to resourceURL in order to handle
our data exchange, then update the representation using DHTML based on the
exchanged information without triggering any (Consumer visible) refreshes
in the Consumer.

Now, the V1 WSRP spec in says that the cosumer is "encouraged
to use the same communication style (e.g. HTTP Get or POST)" that was used
by the user-agent. That does not seem to mandate that behavior and thus we
cannot assume that all Consumers will indeed behave that way.


-- Lars

Rich Thompson wrote:

I don't know of cases where people have used http post in this manner, but
the spec anticipates that such cases may exist and allows the markup to
specify use of post with the requirement that the Consumer then also use
post when passing the request on to the resource url. This keeps the
Consumer truly acting as a proxy for these resources.


09/21/2004 05:36 PM                                                    To
                                        [wsrp] Q about resource usage    
                                        with http post                    

Is HTTP post supported for resource operations according to the spec? My
reading of it points to an ambiguous statement to that effect on pg 62,


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