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Subject: Fw: WSRF: review of requirements document

The WSRF TC would like our input as to whether the referenced requirements document sufficiently captures what WSRP would need in order to be able to leverage WSRF. If those interested would email their comments to me, I will consolidate them and forward them to the requirements author.


----- Forwarded by Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM on 09/27/2004 02:08 PM -----
"David W. Levine" <dwl@watson.ibm.com>

09/23/2004 04:24 PM

Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM@IBMUS, meder@mcs.anl.gov, lily.liu@webmethods.com, Steve Graham/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, bryan.murray@hp.com, David.Snelling@UK.Fujitsu.com, tuecke@mcs.anl.gov, vbp@hp.com, Tom Maguire/Hawthorne/IBM@IBMUS, tim_banks@uk.ibm.com, Jem.Treadwell@hp.com, Latha.Srinivasan@hp.com
WSRF: review of requirements document

You are getting this e-mail as a reminder that we took an action item in this weeks phone call to ask all the liaisons and document editors to review the current draft of the requirements document.

The document is available at the TC web site:


Please feel free to direct comments back to me, directly, or via the TC-mailing list, if you want to ensure broader
discussion. I'd prefer to keep the nits/typos/grammar comments off the broader list, to avoid drowning it in the results
of my poor typing. :-)

Thanks, all,

- David

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