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Subject: [wsrp] EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution

Title: [wsrp] EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution

We should note that basing security decisions on EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution only makes sense if the EventDescription was itself was retrieved securely. The threat here being Tampering.

I do not see why we would want to duplicate the flag in the Event type itself, even if we include it in the event metadata. IMHO A consumer should either use (securely determined) metadata to determine the security level for event transmission or use the same security level at which an event was received to re-distribute the event (Event.RequiresSecureRedistribution?).

Would it be simpler to use the same rule as for getMarkup to distribute all events? i.e. If a producer publishes a secure binding (i.e. SSL) then the consumer should make use of it? Or, better, provide and encourage means for the event data to be signed/encrypted by sending portlets?



PS. In any case, the Event.requiresSecure(Re)Distribution declaration XML schema could do with a default="false" to match the EventDescription convention.

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