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Subject: [wsrp] modifyRegistrationRequired fault

Title: [wsrp] modifyRegistrationRequired fault

The draft spec does not seem to give much guidance on how to handle the new proposed fault? I would expect consumer processing for an end-user to abort on the fault (affected portlets are not rendered) and an admin to be notified to go and attempt a modifyRegistration operation interaction with the faulting producer (correct me if I'm wrong but Portal users may not even see the new modified registration until they log in again). This leads me to two questions:

Should example usage of the new fault be better described?

Should the fault type be declared to extend the 1.0 InvalidRegistrationFault (or a common base type be inserted)?


<complexType name="ModifyRegistrationRequiredFault">


      <extension base="types:InvalidRegistrationFault">





<element name="ModifyRegistrationRequired" type="types:ModifyRegistrationRequiredFault"/>



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