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Subject: Re: [wsrp] EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution

Good point on the possibility of tampering ... I'll add a sentence in section 9 of draft 04 to point this out.

The reason the field exists in both places is that some events will always require secure distribution and some will only require it when sensitive information is being carried in the payload (i.e. dynamic payload contents).

We deliberately named the equivalent fields in v1 as simply requiring security. This allows evolving security standards to be used as they become supported.

Thanks for catching the .xsd overlook of the default value. Has been updated relative to the next version.


Andre Kramer <andre.kramer@eu.citrix.com>

12/10/2004 05:15 AM

[wsrp] EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution

We should note that basing security decisions on EventDescription.requiresSecureDistribution only makes sense if the EventDescription was itself was retrieved securely. The threat here being Tampering.

I do not see why we would want to duplicate the flag in the Event type itself, even if we include it in the event metadata. IMHO A consumer should either use (securely determined) metadata to determine the security level for event transmission or use the same security level at which an event was received to re-distribute the event (Event.RequiresSecureRedistribution?).

Would it be simpler to use the same rule as for getMarkup to distribute all events? i.e. If a producer publishes a secure binding (i.e. SSL) then the consumer should make use of it? Or, better, provide and encourage means for the event data to be signed/encrypted by sending portlets?



PS. In any case, the Event.requiresSecure(Re)Distribution declaration XML schema could do with a default="false" to match the EventDescription convention.

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