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Subject: Secretary role

I think a machine crash wiped out an in-progress note on this subject a week or so ago ... anyway I do not see it in the archives and we need a volunteer for today.

The role of the secretary falls into two categories:
1. Minutes: The key here is to record decisions and any discussion which will be useful for later readers to understand the motivation behind the decision.
2. Roll: This function impacts two items; 1) Determination that a meeting has met the quorum requirements and 2) TC membership requirements. This task involves pulling the current roster before each meeting, conducting the roll call and recording the attendance in the OASIS Kavi system.

The last couple of meetings I have fulfilled the second role and would be willing to continue to do so if that makes a difference to someone volunteering. Back in January of 2002 we had decided to have secretaries serve from one F2F until the next as this eliminates the constant need to recruit someone to take minutes. If people would rather share this role on a rotating basis, that would also work reasonably for me. Note that the secretary does not have to be a member of the TC, but would need to attend the TC's meetings


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