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Subject: Proposal for additional CSS classes

I have received feedback from our product groups that the following additional CSS classes would be useful:

- portlet-separator - a separator bar similar to a horizontal rule, but with styling matching the page
- portlet-title-bar - Allows portlets to mimic the title bar when nesting something
- portlet-title - Allows portlets to match the textual character of the title on the title bar.
- portlet-tab - Support portlets having tabs in the same style as the page or other portlets
- portlet-tab-active - Highlight the tab currently being shown
- portlet-tab-selected - Highlight the selected tab (not yet active)
- portlet-tab-disabled - A tab which can not be currently activated
- portlet-tab-area - Top level style for the content of a tab.

I would propose that these be added to the list of defined CSS classes.


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