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Subject: Re: [wsrp] spec-2.0-draft-05:defined events

Good point, I'll look to add clarifying language in the spec. The intent of the onLoad event is that it is the first event a portlet will receive. In the case of a portlet where the first message is a pbia invocation, this gets a little odd.

I think your first option would fail the intent by not having the onLoad event be the first interaction with the portlet. In particular, it at least should be before the precessing of other events.

Your second option violates the three step character of the protocol unless one views the missing getMarkup invocation as equivalent to having hit a cache. I think this may be the preferred option, but the spec should explicitly point out this sequence. Do others agree?


Stefan Hepper <sthepper@hursley.ibm.com>

03/09/05 02:36 AM

WSRP TC <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
[wsrp] spec-2.0-draft-05:defined events

Hi Rich,
when are the pre-defined events in 6.11 supposed to be delivered to the

E.g. when is onLoad delivered. Say the first interaction with this
portlet is through an action link, what is the execution order?

1. performBlockingInteraction
2. handleEvent (events resulting from the action)
3. handleEvent (onLoad)


1. handleEvent (onLoad)
2. performBlockingInteraction
3. handleEvent (events resulting from the action)

the later one seems to be suggested by the current spec text to me, but
would be a different programming pattern then before where the action is
processed first.


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