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Subject: Re: [wsrp] [CR313] - Clarify cookie guidance

This change request seems like a reasonable clarification to me. I would like to target deciding to approve or reject it at the next TC call (March 24).


Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM@IBMUS

02/07/05 02:22 PM

[wsrp] [CR313] - Clarify cookie guidance

Document: Specification

Requested by: Subbu Allamaraju

Section: 6.4 initCookie() Operation

Page: 31

Old Text:

New Text: (addition at the end of line 15) However, since such reprocessing usually incurs additional processing and network overhead, Producers are encouraged to process the request as usual and return new cookies along with the response. Consumers MUST process and resupply such cookies as per Section 3.11.

Compatibility Issues: This change does not affect the Producer behavior. Section 3.11 already requires Consumers to process and return such cookies.

Reasoning: This change clarifies brings up the issue of possible negative impacts of reprocessing, and provides guidance on how best to handle invalid cookies.

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