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Subject: Re: [wsrp] [CR310] - Add doctype fields

I think the answer to whether the "consumer" knows the doctype is a qualified "no".  Take for example someone who wants to build portlet support into a generic application development platform.  The platform would expose a developer friendly API for using/manipulating consumer-side use of portlets and hide the gory details of communicating with [remotw wsrp] portlets.  In such an environment there is a clean and distinct separation between application code that describes the structural rendering of the a consumer response and any given component in that structure that provides a portion of the rendition.  Because doctype is likely just markup expressed in the page, such components may find it difficult if not impossible to determine what it is.  I.e. whereas you can get the locale, mimetype and characters set from a servlet response you can't get the doctype.

Rich Thompson wrote:

This change request raises a couple of questions for me:
1. Will the Consumer always "know" the doctype for what will be returned to the user agent at the time it invokes getMarkup? I think the answer is "yes", but we should review this carefully.
2. Are there other characteristics of the aggregated page that the Portlet could make good use of? Currently we have locale, mime type and character set ... any others?


Subbu Allamaraju <subbu@bea.com>

02/02/2005 11:19 AM


Re: [wsrp] [CR310] - Add doctype fields

For the reasoning, I meant to say

"Due to the legacy nature of web, some portal sites are designed to
generate either _strict_ or quirks mode HTML ..."

I missed "strict" in my request sent to Rich.


Rich Thompson wrote:
> Document: Specification
> Requested by: Subbu Allamaraju
> Section: 6.1.9 MarkupParams Type
> Page: 31
> Old Text:
> New Text:
>     [O] string        doctype
>    - doctype: The value of the PUBLIC ID of the DOCTYPE declaration, if
> any, used by the Consumer. Consumers using legacy or strict style HTML
> may supply the DOCTYPE. Producers MAY honor such DOCTYPE while
> generating markup.
> Document: WSRP1.0
> Section: 5.1.10 MarkupType Type
> Page: 20
> Old Text:
> New Text:
>      [O] string      doctypes[]
>     - doctypes: An array of DOCTYPE declarations that the Portlet can
> support.
> Reasoning:
> Due to the legacy nature of web, some portal sites are designed to
> generate either or quirks mode HTML markup and expect browsers to
> interpret the markup accordingly. Browsers use the HTML DOCTYPE
> declaration to indicate browsers which mode to use. For example, the
> following DOCTYPE declaration can be used for strict interpretation:
>      "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">
> During an earlier discussion, the following issues have been identified:
> a. Consumers do not know whether a portlet can generate markup in a
> given DOCTYPE.
> b. Portlets do not know what kind of DOCTYPE to expect.
> The above changes address these issues. Please note that, in order to
> preserve backwards compat, both these elements are optional, and the
> behavior is unspecified when the doctypes are not supplied by either side.

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