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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Request for a "popup" windowstate

Can you provide more specifics?  The complications with pop-ups vs other 
window states is that developers commonly want this to be a second view 
of the portlet -- I.e. the pop-up renders along with the portlet in the 
page vs. it being a tear-off UI.  This complicates things because I 
believe we should help facilitate state management if we add such 
support.  State management is more complicated because you now need to 
manage multiple mode states in a single state record.

Rich Thompson wrote:

> We have heard back from portlet developers that a valuable UI 
> technique they find missing in WSRP is the ability to request that 
> activation of a url result in showing a portlet in a popup window. 
> Common examples on the web today include:
>     * Popup window shows a "printer-friendly" view on the portlet's
>       markup (often missing ads, navigation menus and extraneous
>       graphics)
>     * Help ... both related to the portlet's functionality and a
>       glossary style definition of terms
>     * More sophisticated scenarios like showing an address book to set
>       email recipients (I know both Yahoo and Excite do this)
> Some more sophisticated scenarios use references to a different 
> portlet, but I think reaching a consensus on how to do that with 
> remote portlets within the v2 timeframe is unreasonable. I do think it 
> would be reasonable to define a "popup" windowstate in v2 with the 
> restriction that the portlet to be shown in the popup is the one whose 
> markup contains the url causing the popup.
> Rich 

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