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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Extra query args on a render url

Isn't this covered using public parameters?  Or are suggesting 
extensions to it?

Rich Thompson wrote:

> We have heard back from portlet developers that another thing WSRP v1 
> is missing is a way for JavaScript to append query args to a render 
> url such that those additional name/value pairs make it to getMarkup. 
> Action urls are allowed to do this as the additional query args then 
> flow to the portlet in the formParameters field of 
> InteractionParameters. I don't remember us explicitly deciding not to 
> allow these and am wondering if there is a reason not to add them for v2.
> Two cited use cases were:
> 1. The markup contains a long list of hyperlinks, such as might be 
> fetched via a database query, which vary only via a single detail, 
> such as a dbKey. For performance reasons it is often preferable to 
> generate a single portlet url and then have scripting append the key 
> before activating the url.
> 2. The url wants to depend on some information the user has entered 
> (e.g. zipcode), but is not being handled as a form submit. In this 
> case, scripting must be used to put together the url so that it can 
> contain the user entered material. While there are many cases where 
> such a url will cause a state change in the Portlet (thereby needing 
> to be an action url), there are also many cases where the additional 
> information is only used to impact how the Portlet renders the next 
> fragment (i.e. logically becomes an extension of the navState) such 
> that a render url would be preferable.
> Rich 

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