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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Extra query args on a render url

I hadn't thought of public parameters as a possible solution, probably because the use cases don't really involve coordination.

The downside of solving these use cases using public parameters is that it requires the Portlet to enumerate all possible query args it might look to append to the url. That isn't horrible, but it is a downside (edge cases might not work because they didn't get enumerated).

The other question I would raise is whether this would be stretching what had been designed as a coordination mechanism as it would just be passing additional parameters to a single Portlet.


Michael Freedman <michael.freedman@oracle.com>

04/12/05 11:34 AM

wsrp <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
Re: [wsrp] Extra query args on a render url

Isn't this covered using public parameters?  Or are suggesting
extensions to it?

Rich Thompson wrote:

> We have heard back from portlet developers that another thing WSRP v1
> is missing is a way for JavaScript to append query args to a render
> url such that those additional name/value pairs make it to getMarkup.
> Action urls are allowed to do this as the additional query args then
> flow to the portlet in the formParameters field of
> InteractionParameters. I don't remember us explicitly deciding not to
> allow these and am wondering if there is a reason not to add them for v2.
> Two cited use cases were:
> 1. The markup contains a long list of hyperlinks, such as might be
> fetched via a database query, which vary only via a single detail,
> such as a dbKey. For performance reasons it is often preferable to
> generate a single portlet url and then have scripting append the key
> before activating the url.
> 2. The url wants to depend on some information the user has entered
> (e.g. zipcode), but is not being handled as a form submit. In this
> case, scripting must be used to put together the url so that it can
> contain the user entered material. While there are many cases where
> such a url will cause a state change in the Portlet (thereby needing
> to be an action url), there are also many cases where the additional
> information is only used to impact how the Portlet renders the next
> fragment (i.e. logically becomes an extension of the navState) such
> that a render url would be preferable.
> Rich

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