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wsrp message

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Subject: Groups - WSRP TC call modified

WSRP TC call has been modified by Rich Thompson

Date:  Thursday, 19 May 2005
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

Event Description:
USA Toll Free Number: 1-866-769-7222
USA Toll Number: 1-203-566-0687
PASSCODE: 849091

1. Accept minutes?

2. SC reports/issues
 2.a Interoperability (Richard)
 2.b Conformance (Rich)
 2.c WSDL (Andre)
 2.d PFB (Richard)
 2.e Coordination (Rich)
 2.f Interfaces (Mike)
 2.g Primer (Subbu)

3. FAQ issues/discussion (Clinton)

4. F2F action items
 4.1. Check the impact of using the schema extension concept on impact in their code. While we developed the numbers of types impacted if the v2 schema extends types from the v1 schema, this was the missing piece we wanted feedback on before making a decision. 
 4.2. Review the current FAQ making comments on current Q&A and proposing new questions (1 sentence questions with 2-3 sentence answers + links to more material) 
 4.3 Get feedback from your organization about which of the three new IPR modes is preferred and which are acceptable. This info will be important when we need to select an IPR mode for the TC and may take some time for some organizations to develop. 
 4.4 (Mike Freedman) Propose a solution for JSF-like Consumers (i.e. those that use an encapsulating form) 
 4.5 (Subbu) Detail use case(s) for allowing Portlets to return a redirectURL from handleEvents 
 4.6 (Subbu) Propose (with Richard) a solution to the customUserProfileItems issue 
 4.7 (Atul) Propose a definition for a wsrp:config mode 
 4.8 (Andre) Review available and intended support for MTOM by the major web stacks. 
 4.9 (Rich) Publish a draft 09 capturing F2F decisions (target = 5/6) 
 4.10 (Rich) Develop a conformance statement delta for Conformance SC review 

5. CR304a - "extra" schema file ... experience? comments?

6. V2 Specification
 6.1 Draft 09 is the current version.
 6.2 Open Issues:
  6.2.1 Issue #35: Producer policy change which impacts a registrations' lifetime. [Tentative resolution: Add a ResourceSuspended fault and a 3 stage lifecycle for resources (registrations and CCPs)]
  6.2.2 Issue #44: Add feedback mechanism to public parameter model?

7. Next F2F scheduled for October 4-7, 2005 in Dublin, Ireland (Citrix); preliminary goal = discuss and prioritize v3 use cases; if possible, cast into features with owners

8. Other items? 


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X-WR-CALNAME:My Calendar
DESCRIPTION:USA Toll Free Number: 1-866-769-7222\nUSA Toll Number:
  1-203-566-0687\nPASSCODE: 849091\n\nGroup: OASIS Web Services for
  Remote Portlets (WSRP) TC\nCreator: Rich Thompson

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