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Subject: Wildcard notation in event names

In Section 5.1.11, we have some text about using wildcard notation. Here 
is the text:

"Since an event’s name can be refered to in a wildcard fashion (see 
section 2.1.2), Portlet developers are encouraged to organize their 
event names hierarchically. An example of such an organization would be 
events carrying changed address information on an application being 
organized as “applicant/address/streetChanged”, 
“applicant/address/cityChanged”, etc.. Such an organization would allow 
another Portlet’s metadata to simply say that it is interested in all 
events starting with “applicant/address/”. The use of the “/” character 
to denote levels within such a hierarchy is suggested as a means to 
enable easier reading of these hierarchical event names, but should not 
be taken to imply that the event names are treated as XPaths since they 
are not XPaths."

[Note that Section 2.1.2 does not exist in Draft 9.]

This text does not clearly say that using "/" is THE spec-defined way of 
organizing events into hierarchical groups. The use of "/" is introduced 
  directly in an example, and not in the preceding text on event names. 
IMO, the intent is not well-captured, and could be interpreted differently.

Secondly, it is not clear if a Consumer can choose not to support 
hierarchical naming of events. If a portlet says that it would like to 
receive "/foo" events, and if another portlet fires a "/foo/bar" event, 
can the Consumer do an exact match on event names and not dispatch the 
event? Or, SHOULD/MUST the consumer try to match?



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