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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Public parameters conformance statement?

Just to clarify, I find the sentence "Portlets do not store these items 
..." a bit unclear. Are we saying that "portlets don't generally store 
these parameters ...", or are we saying that "we don't recommend that 
portlets store ...".?

I suggest that we tigheten the language either with a conformance statement

"Portlets MAY NOT ..."

or a with a guideline

"We recommend that Portlet developers do not store ... for such and such 



Rich Thompson wrote:
> Subbu raised a question about changing "Portlets do not store these 
> items in any portion of their state as the Consumer supplies the items 
> on each invocation. In the absence of a Consumer supplied value for a 
> public parameter the Portlet listed in its portletDescription, the 
> Portlet SHOULD use a default value" to say Portlets either SHOULD NOT or 
> MAY NOT store these items ...
> I considered this when adding this text, but decided against it as the 
> one reasonable use case I could imagine for a Portlet storing the 
> current public parameters was to use them as the default values should 
> the parameter not be supplied on subsequent invocations. Do people think 
> we should leave this as-is or make it a conformance statement?
> Rich

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